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16 Days

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About this tour

Discovering the essence of Georgia is a complex journey. This country is not only its breathtaking natural landscapes and ancient and contemporary architecture. Georgia needs a deeper understanding of its traditions, culture, and the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants. What makes Georgia exceptionally distinct is its geographical positioning at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. The cultural nuances of both continents are perfectly mixed here. Consequently, this tour is designed to offer an experience of the authentic way of life in Georgia, presenting an opportunity to explore the country beyond its surface-level attractions.

The 16-day tour has been planned to introduce the diverse cultures and communities across various regions of Georgia. You will have the opportunity to explore Tbilisi, Kakheti, Kazbegi, Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, and Adjara, among other areas. Tour provides a comprehensive understanding of the rich heritage and local lifestyles. For a more detailed schedule of the tour, please refer to the itinerary provided below.

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We start with a tour in Tbilisi. we'll take a relaxed walk in the old part of the capital, looking at buildings, and monuments, and learning about the history and culture of Tbilisi. It goes back hundreds and thousands of years. We'll eat lunch at a local spot and then visit the National Museum. The collections of the museum cover the history of Georgia, starting from animal re-parents dating back to 40 million years. You'll have some free time to possibly enjoy Sulphur baths and then we'll end the day with a tasty dinner.

Day 2 of the tour in Georgia starts with Badiauri. Kakheti, a wine region of Georgia, invites you to experience traditional bread baking, cheese tasting in Badiauri, and a visit to Bodbe nunnery, a pilgrimage site. Sighnaghi, the "city of love," offers stunning views. Wine tasting at Khareba winery is one of the best activities for tourists. The day is interesting for tourists for the tasting of Georgian rural life, culinary arts, and winemaking heritage.

On the third day, you will experience a mix of Georgian agriculture, history, and ancient winemaking techniques. Start with an open market of Telavi, then visit Tsinandali Palace, known for its historic winery. Alaverdi Monastery's vineyards and a Qvevri-making workshop provide insight into traditional wine fermentation.

From New Shuamta Monastery to Jinvali Water Reservoir and Ananuri Castle, this day is about scenic beauty and historical depth. Khinkali making in Pasanauri and views from Gudauri ski resort add culinary and natural highlights to the tour. After passing the ski resort Gudauri (2200m) we will see the friendship monument of Georgia and Russia and overnight in Stephantsminda(1700m) in a guesthouse with a delicious dinner.

The tour in Kazbegi starts by driving to Dariali Gorge and seeing the Russian border. The trek to Gergeti Trinity Church offers breathtaking mountain views, including Mount Kazbegi. The felt-making masterclass introduces traditional Georgian crafts, complemented by local jam-tasting. The tour offers an adventurous exploration of the nature and artisan crafts of Georgia.

Visit Mtskheta, the ancient capital, to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites like Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, central to Georgian Christianity. Mtskheta is located approximately 20 km north of Tbilisi, at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers.

Day 7 of the tour includes Dashbashi, Faravani Lake, Foka Monastery, and lunch in the local restaurant. You will stay in Vardzia overnight (dinner). Tsalka (Dashbash) Canyon Natural Monument is distinguished by its rarity. There are very beautiful waterfalls. There is built Glass bridge, a long zipline and a giant swing. Paravani Lake is a volcanic lake. Finally, Foka Monastery is the culmination of the day trip.

Day 8 starts from exploring Vardzia. It is a cave monastery site in southern Georgia. Here you will feed rabbits and have master classes of Meskhuri Qada and duck dumplings. In the evening you will experience free topic lection with a delicious dinner in the guesthouse.

In the morning, our destination is Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe, where we'll explore the castle and its museum showing various exhibits. Following this, we'll enjoy a lunch hosted by a local family. The journey continues as we switch to 4WD vehicles to traverse the scenic Goderdzi Pass, reaching Batumi by evening. Here, we will check into our hotel and conclude the day with dinner.

Enjoy a flexible day in Georgia with optional tours to enrich your experience. Start by exploring the ancient Gonio Fortress, followed by a visit to the Botanical Garden. Taste seafood at a local fish market for lunch, then experience the flavors of Georgia with dinner at the Acharian Wine House, which also serves as a museum. Your day of discovery concludes with an overnight stay in Batumi.

We will travel from Batumi to Zugdidi to visit the historic Dadiani Palace. The museum complex includes several spaces. They are the palaces of the Samegrelo queen and Prince, the church, and the botanic garden. It will follow a unique culinary experience in Sisa Tura, where you'll participate in master classes on Megrelian dishes. The adventure continues with a visit to the impressive Enguri Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP), leading up to an overnight stay in the town of Mestia.

The next day offers Mestia- Chalaadi, Khergiani museum, lunch with a masterclass of Kubdari, Chvishtari). Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography is full of more than 4,000 historical items. There you will see old books, manuscripts, metalwork crosses, etc. Then we will see the local movie “Dede” expressing women's role in the mountain community. Finally, dinner activities include milking cows and making traditional cheese.

Today, we're off to Europe's highest village, Ushguli, sitting at 2200 meters high. On our way, we'll see the Love Tower, famous for its beautiful story. Then, we'll visit the Lamaria Church in Ushguli and enjoy lunch at a mountain restaurant. Next, we'll explore the gallery of the painter Beso Nijaradze. After a day full of adventure, we'll head back to Mestia for the night and have dinner at the guesthouse. This day is packed with stunning sights and interesting stops, making it a great part of tours in Georgia for anyone looking to see something special.

In the morning, we leave Mestia and head to Zugdidi for lunch. Next, we visit the amazing Prometheus Grotto, where we'll see 16 big halls full of colorful pointy rocks hanging from the ceiling and growing from the ground. After exploring, we go to Kutaisi, where we'll have dinner and stay overnight. It's a fun day with delicious food and caves, making it a great part of our tours in Georgia.

In the morning, we start by checking out the local market in Kutaisi, where you can see lots of different things for sale. Then, we drive to Uplistsikhe to explore an old cave city. The area features a diverse range of buildings, capturing attention due to their ancient origins. Some of the structures date back to the early Iron Age, while others originate from the late Middle Ages. After looking around, we have lunch close by. Next, we visit Stalin's museum to learn some history. Finally, we head to Tbilisi, where we'll stay in a hotel and have a special farewell dinner at a restaurant. It's a day full of discovering cool places and saying goodbye with a nice meal, making it a memorable part of our tours in Georgia.

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