Live Like a Local in hidden Georgia 12 days

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7 Days

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Daily Tour

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Short Overview:

This tour is a 12-day adventure where you get to live like the locals in both Georgia and Armenia. It’s more than just seeing the beautiful places and old buildings in these countries. You really get to understand what life is like there. Georgia and Armenia are special. In the region Europe meets Asia, so their cultures are a mix of both. On this tour, you’ll dive deep into the traditions and ways of life that make these places unique. You’ll see how people live, learn about their customs, and experience the real heart of these countries. It’s a chance to explore Georgia and Armenia beyond the usual tourist spots. 

Tour includes visiting all important attractions and places of Georgia and Armenia. You will visit Tbilisi, Kakheti, Telavi, Jinvali, Gudauri Ski Resort, Stephantsminda, Mtskheta in Georgia. You will have an opportunity to explore Pottery House, Mendz Er Cave, Odzun Monastery, Dsegh Village, Yerevan, and not only on the tour to Armenia.

You will explore how traditional food and drinks are made. You will meet masters of different traditional professions in this tour in Georgia and Armenia.

Meeting point


  • Whole tour Hotel/guesthouse accommodation
  • Professional guide whole tour
  • Professional driver whole tour
  • Comfortable car whole tour
  • All the museum fees
  • 12 breakfasts
  • 12 lunches
  • 12 dinners
  • Khevsuretian hand working (weaving) master lass
  • Tsinandali museum
  • Tsinandali degustation
  • Alaverdi wine degustation
  • Alaverdi yogurt degustation
  • Qvevri makers excursion
  • Qvevri makers degustation
  • Churchkhela master class
  • Khinkali master class
  • Bread baking master class
  • Sweet bread “Nazuqi”
  • Master classes of Megrelian dishes.
  • Local mountain guide.
  • Master class of Svanetian dishes.
  • Milking cow/ making cheese.
  • Sataplia grotto/cave.
  • Master classes of Meskhetian dishes
  • Feeding rabbits.
  • Cheese/tea/bread/nuts/liquor degustation
  • Dashbashi canyon.
  • Alcohol at time of dinner/lunch


On the first day, you will explore historic heart of Tbilisi, with its vibrant mix of architecture, cultures, and eras. Highlights include ancient churches, narrow streets, and the National Museum. The Sulphur baths offer relaxation, while a traditional dinner introduces Georgian hospitality and folk performances.

Kakheti, a wine region of Georgia, invites you to experience traditional bread baking, cheese tasting in Badiauri, and a visit to Bodbe nunnery, a pilgrimage site. Sighnaghi, the "city of love," offers stunning views and wine tasting. Khareba winery complements the day. The trip is interesting for tourists for the tasting of Georgian rural life, culinary arts, and winemaking heritage.

On the third day, you will experience a mix of Georgian agriculture, history, and ancient winemaking techniques. Start with an open market of Telavi, then visit Tsinandali Palace, known for its historic winery. Vineyards of Alaverdi Monastery and a Qvevri-making workshop provide insight into traditional wine fermentation.

From New Shuamta Monastery to Jinvali Water Reservoir and Ananuri Castle, this day is about scenic beauty and historical depth. Khinkali making in Pasanauri and views from Gudauri ski resort add culinary and natural highlights to the tour. After passing the ski resort Gudauri (2200m) we will see the relationship monument of Georgia and Russia and overnight in Stephantsminda(1700m) in a guesthouse with a delicious dinner.

Now it’s time to see Dariali Gorge and the Russian border. The trek to Gergeti Trinity Church offers breathtaking mountain views, including Mount Kazbegi. The felt-making masterclass introduces traditional Georgian crafts, complemented by local jam-tasting. The tour offers an adventurous exploration of the nature and artisan crafts of Georgia.

Visit Mtskheta, the ancient capital, to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites like Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, central to Georgian Christianity. Mtskheta is located approximately 20 km north of Tbilisi, at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers.

The next day of the tour offers the freedom to discover Tbilisi by yourself or enjoy a day of relaxation.

Tour to Armenia starts right now. Get creative with a fun class on making pottery and Armenian carpets at the Pottery House. Enjoy a tasty lunch inside the Mendz Er Cave. Next, explore Odzun Monastery, a peaceful spot with beautiful views. End your day at Odzun BB, where you'll learn how to make BBQ and vodka, and then spend the night. This trip is a great way to see and do lots of different things in Armenia.

Your day starts with Dsegh village, exploring beautiful lakes. Next, learn to make Armenian cheese and enjoy lunch at Wow Glamping. Visit Nektaro Tea House for a tea-making and drinking class. Discover the old city of Dilijan, filled with history. For dinner, join a class to make Gata and Garni Yarakh, traditional Armenian dishes. Finish your day with a transfer to Berkri Gastroyard for a cozy overnight stay. This tour is perfect for experiencing Armenian culture, food, and nature in an easy and fun way.

First, we will visit Berkri Gastro Yard. Berki Gastro Yard. It is located in Yenoqavan village- a beautiful Armenian resort. You will experience horseback riding here. Your adventure includes lunch and master classes in making Armenian dolma and homemade wine tasting. We cannot leave the region without Haghartsin Monastery and Lake Sevan. It is a large lake in eastern Armenia and is known for its beautiful beaches. Finally, we will have fish-making master classes and stay in Yerevan overnight.

Day 11 starts with visiting the GUM local food market. The building is interesting because of its arched facade and Soviet style. The next stop is a Greco-Roman colonnaded building called Garni temple. We will visit Symphony of Stones which is located near the temple. Crystallized and cooled lava was formed 40 million years ago. You will also experience lavash-making master classes. The day also includes Geghard (Unesco) monastery, and Yeganyants gastro yard with wine tasting. At Ashtarak Garden, you will have Sujukh making master class + duduk (Armenian national instrument) music. The day trip in Armenia culminates at the Yerevan Vernissage. It is a large open-air market in Yerevan, Armenia.

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