Tbilisi Walking Tour Including Wine Tasting Cable Car and Bakery

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4 Hours

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Meeting & Check-in time: 09:30
Departure time: 10:00
End time: 14:00

Tbilisi Walking Tour

Begin an unforgettable exploration with our day tour in Tbilisi, specially created for group tour lovers in Georgia.

During the tour, you will discover the capital city through iconic landmarks like Metekhi Castle, Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali, Mother of Georgia Tramway, Mother of Georgia, Narikala Fortress, sulfur baths district, Leghvtakhevi Waterfall, Shardeni Street, Sioni Cathedral of Georgia, Anchiskhati Basilica, and the Clock Tower.

Our expert guides bring the rich history of Tbilisi to life as you learn about its foundation history.

Enjoy tales at each site, capture panoramic views from the cable car and explore the ancient Narikala Fortress.

Snap memorable photos at Leghvtakhevi Waterfall and visit the sulfur baths district, cross the Bridge of Love with stunning views of the “Leghvtakhevi” gorge.

Join our day tour in Tbilisi for an unforgettable experience; learn more about history and culture in the group tour, explore the beauty of Georgia.

Meeting point: At 09:30, our guide meets you in front of Avlabari Metro Station with our company’s branded flag.
Endpoint: Meidan Bazar

Tour Map


  • Metekhi Castle
  • The Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Europe Square
  • Rike Park
  • Bridge of Peace
  • The Clock Tower
  • Anchiskhati Basilica
  • Patriarchate of Georgia
  • Sioni Cathedral of Tbilisi
  • Tamada (Toastmaster) Statue
  • Jan Shardeni Street
  • Mother of Georgia Tramway
  • Mother of Georgia
  • Narikala Fortress
  • Juma Mosque
  • Leghvtakhevi Waterfall
  • Bridge of Love
  • Chreli Abano


  • A certified guide service
  • A bottle of water
  • Cable car ride
  • Traditional Georgian pie
  • Traditional Georgian lemonade
  • Two wine tastings


At 09:30, our guide meets you in front of Avlabari Metro Station with our company’s branded flag.

Congratulations! Your experience has just started!

Duration: 15 minutes
Visit the Metekhi Castle on the left bank of the river Mtkvari. This castle has a rich history, possibly dating back to Vakhtang Gorgasali.

Duration: 5 minutes
Let's explore the captivating legacy of Vakhtang Gorgasali, a key figure from the Chosroid dynasty and the king of Iberia(Kartli) during the late 5th and early 6th centuries. Renowned for his contributions, Vakhtang is credited with founding Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The tour will help you to discover the intriguing legends of Tbilisi and the enduring impact of Vakhtang Gorgasali as we visit important landmarks dedicated to his legacy.

Duration: 5 minutes
As we pass through Europe Square, spending around 5 minutes, you'll gain insights into the crucial ties between Georgia and the European Union, providing essential information that holds significant importance for the Georgian people.

Duration: 5 minutes
Rike Park is a lovely green space in Tbilisi that offers a peaceful retreat. It has beautiful gardens, playgrounds, and scenic paths along the Mtkvari River. The Park also has landmarks like the Rike Concert Hall and Bridge of Peace. It's a great spot to relax.

Duration: 5 minutes
Welcome to Bridge of Peace! This bridge connects two parts of Tbilisi. It looks modern and was made by an Italian architect named Michele De Lucchi. The bridge is unique because it's not just for walking – it also symbolizes how Tbilisi combines its history with the new. It's beautiful at night with lights that make the river shine.

Duration: 10 minutes
For 10 minutes, let's explore a special place in Tbilisi – the Clock Tower, built by Rezo Gabriadze in 2010. It's right next to the Marionette Theater in the old town. Every hour, a little angel comes out with a tiny hammer to ring the bell. Inside the tower, there's a small puppet theater.

Duration: 10 minutes
The next place is Anchiskhati Basilica. This old church in Tbilisi is super particular. It's one of the oldest,going back to the 6th century. When you step inside, you'll see how simple and beautiful it is, showing the art style from an ancient time.

Duration: 5 minutes
Now, we're heading to the Patriarchate of Georgia. The Patriarchate is like the headquarter of the Georgian Orthodox Church. The building is impressive, and you'll notice its traditional Georgian architectural style. So, let's briefly soak in the atmosphere and continue our journey through the heart of Tbilisi!

Duration: 10 minutes
Sioni Cathedral of Tbilisi has a rich history dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries. Over time, it faced destruction from foreign invaders and underwent several rebuilds. The present structure mainly follows the 13th-century design, with some alterations made between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Duration: 5 minutes
Let's explore the tradition of "Tamada," which means a toastmaster in Georgian. We'll pause at a spot to hear fascinating stories about this unique tradition of leading toasts and celebrations.

Duration: 5 minutes
Shardeni Street is a must-see pathway for every visitor to Tbilisi. It is a renovated and beloved street.

Duration: 10 minutes
Tbilisi Cable Car is a big box that takes you above the city. You will have a fun ride with fantastic views!

Duration: 10 minutes
Our next stop is Mother of Georgia. This statue overlooks the city and represents the Georgian people's spirit. During our short stay here, please take a moment to appreciate the view, the story behind the monument, and the symbol it represents for the people of Tbilisi.

Duration: 15 minutes
Narikala Fortress is an ancient castle that has stood for centuries, overseeing Tbilisi. As we walk through the fortress, you'll notice the old walls and towers that tell stories of battles and the city's resilience. From here, you'll also get fantastic panoramic views of Tbilisi – a perfect spot for photos!

Duration: 5 minutes
Juma Mosque serves as a gathering place for people to pray and connect with their faith. It symbolizes the diverse and harmonious coexistence of various religions in Tbilisi, where people of different beliefs live together in friendship.

Duration: 5 minutes
We explore Leghvtakhevi Waterfall. It's favorite among locals and visitors, offering an escape on hot days. People from Georgia and around the world love to come here to relax and enjoy the refreshing waterfall.

Duration: 5 minutes
Chreli Abano is a renowned sulfur bathhouse highly favored by tourists and locals alike. Although it resembles a mosque, it's a sulfur bathhouse.

Duration: 5 minutes
Our final stop is Abanotubani. Abanotubani, meaning "bath district" in Georgian, it is one of the oldest parts of Tbilisi. The district's history is linked to Vakhtang Gorgasali. There are many bathhouses, and most of them were inspired by traditional Persian-style baths. The difference is that sulfur water is naturally hot and cures many diseases. Sulfur baths help with dry skin, acne, vein problems, etc.

The tour ends at Meidan Bazar.


4 hours



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The tour operates in all weather conditions. Therefore, please dress according to the weather.
No one can enter a church in shorts; women must cover their heads.

Comfortable shoes.
A scarf or a hat - if you are a woman.

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