Live like a local in Georgia & Armenia (14 days)


Breath-taking natural beauty, deeply hospitable people and amazingly beautiful capitals make the South Caucasus region a thrilling offbeat place to discover! This is a cultural crossroads where Europe meets Asia.




Start point: Tbilisi, Georgia

End point: Yerevan, Armenia


Available dates:

Arrival 3rd of June, Departure 18th of June.

Arrival 15th June, Departure 30th of June.

Arrival 3rd of July, Departure 18th of July.

Arrival 15th of July, Departure 30th of August.

Arrival 3rd of August, Departure 18th of August.

Arrival 15th of August, Departure 30th of September.

Arrival 3rd of September, Departure 18th of September.

Arrival 15th of September, Departure 30th of October.


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